Physiotherapy is an art as well as a science.

 We treat all forms of musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries, back and neck pain, joint pains, pre and post operative conditions. We treat all ages from the very young to the older members of our community. Parents are encouraged to be present when we are treating children.

When you attend for a physiotherapy session at our clinic you will have forty minutes of complete and undivided attention. We will ask you questions related to your complaint, investigate your medical history, analyse your movements noticing any abnormal patterns. We have realised from experience that there is usually a key driving factor to most problems and a key point in the body to begin work. Do not be surprised therefore to come complaining about a neck problem and find we begin by loosening your stiff ankle. We pride ourselves at this clinic for tracking back through the events of your life to the point that has provoked your presenting complaint.

You will always be treated as an individual, unique, despite the fact that we see so many back pains and neck pains. None are ever quite the same.

We always take into account the emotional stresses and strains that inevitably have a physical effect. We often find that helping to link tensions in the body to thoughts in the mind brings about a degree of mindfulness and awareness which can be the solution to aiding a speedy recovery.

We diagnose, educate, re-assure, treat and prescribe exercise and posture correction. We raise awareness and thus help to prevent re-occurrence.

We have a holistic hands on approach and pride ourselves on the quality and variety of the skills we have developed over the years

We believe that the most effective healing occurs when we can engage a person fully in their own process. We understand that we are facilitators rather than mechanics and effective recovery and optimum health is achieved by the body itself, given the correct adjustments and understanding.

Good analysis of movement patterns and correction of abnormal or asymmetric patterns will prevent future injury especially in the committed athlete.


Conditions treated: Neck and back pain, sports injuries, strokes, respiratory problems, frozen shoulder, post-operative orthopaedic procedures. More detail on next page.