This is the name given to a  system of movement diagnositics developed by Joanne Elphinson.

Joanne has developed a series of tests which isolate specific gaps in muscle function, action or strength. With this form of analysis it is possible to pin point compensatory patterns of movement. When these are corrected with the carefully chosen exercise, very often long term pain ceases, and injury recurrence is less likely. Sometimes it is just a matter of posture or gait adjustment. All professional athletes now go through a rigorous Prehab analysis to prevent injuries. Many studies have shown this to be very cost effective in the professional sporting world.

We believe that this is a principal that applies to all of us, young and older,  and so we use these diagnosing skills an integral part of our treatment schedule. All our patients enjoy understanding more about how they can participate in their well being and find the approach interesting and re-assuring.

Conditions treated: Rehabilitation after illness or injury.