Change of Address

We are moving to Mortlake from 9th July 2018.

Richmond Park Clinic at Suite 112,
Mortlake Business Centre,
Mortlake High Street, SW14 8JN.

We have the same number - 020 8892 1380.

Thank you for your support in East Sheen.
Come and see us in our new Mortlake clinic.

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Thank you for looking after my body and soul during all these years...Martina

How to describe a Cathy treatment session?

What starts as an ordinary physiotherapy session gradually becomes something different.

For any new problem, Cathy will ask normal, searching questions about symptoms, make a physical examination and an assessment of possible causes.

She will then begin to work in a traditional, physiotherapy manner, but in most cases there is a subtle change in that process whilst she is working.

I can only describe it as an intuitive process and through the medium of touch and manipulation she uses information that is unconsciously given up by one’s body.  In the several years I have been treated by Cathy, the process has become 2-way, in that with her gentle, verbal encouragement alongside conventional physical manipulation my body receives “instruction” in how to let go and allow tension to dissipate and so relieve the discomfort and pain.  

What initially appear to be straightforward injuries, such as a sore ankle, a painful neck, unexplained back pain, are slowly revealed as the body’s reaction to physical and/or emotional experiences long buried, either consciously or sub-consciously, and in some inexplicable way, there is a gradual release of these tensions during the treatment.  

Occasionally there is a huge and overwhelming emotional response at the time of treatment.  Another time I can be aware of a very gentle release of energy spreading throughout my body whilst Cathy is working on the source of the pain.  Sometimes there can be a slow reaction, involving new aches and pains which may take 24-48 hours to resolve, but which eventually relieve the original pain problem.

Through Cathy’s sessions I have come to understand that my emotions and life experiences are inextricably linked to my body and I have learned to listen and communicate with it in a completely unexpected way.  Anon.

On the morning of the day I hobbled on crutches into your care I wondered if life would ever return to normal. Yet within just 12 weeks your first class Physiotherapy skills solved every one of the numerous setbacks that popped up. Especially the ones that were clearly a result of my impatience!" Bob.

I am writing to say how very much I appreciated the session I had with you today. It was so good to feel total confidence in you and you can't imagine the relief of finding someone giving me properly considered advice, having a good look at me, and even making time to work on me too. It was a wonderful session and I thank you for the trouble you took to listen to my rather garbled description of events and symptoms. D.T.

Your magic hands always find and cure the problem. You take my body and mind to a much healthier place. Many thanks...Steven

Without all of you at St. Margarets clinic, I would be in a wheelchair, and in so much more pain...Naomi

Mind Body Healing

My monthly session with Cathy is the best value of any money I spend. If things are quiet in business, I clear my blocks using Cathy’s techniques, and miraculously work arrives. Through deep visualisation and clearance within areas of my body which have felt energetically blocked, my mind is able to expand to fulfil my potential...Jonathan K Professional - photographer

When the mind and body are tuned as one we are able to perform in ways that reflect our true desires and wishes. We need fine tuning to reach the best harmony and that needs your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your hands to adjust and your spirit to care all of which help us along our way...Nick B - CEO

Journey Process

Since my journey process I have not taken a sleeping pill and I am drinking so much less alcohol. Life has not changed but I have. Thank you...Dee

Although its only been a few days since my journey process I still feel amazing. So much lighter, more relaxed, contented. Several friends have commented on the difference! This is something I want to explore further and believe it can only get better. Thank you...Karen

Thank you for guiding me on an incredible transformative journey I’m looking forward to facing a future filled with sparkling goldeness...Beth T

My life is completely different, my relationship with my parents has transformed, my business has turned around and my life continues to change on a daily basis. I am still learning from what happened in my journey process, the images are burned on my mind the cocoon of resentment, the power of forgiveness, the origin of my rage and the purpose of my mentor Thank you.

Vega Testing

Thank you for giving me the solution to my fainting episodes, which has changed my life. My dairy free diet has helped me concentrate better, feel better than I’ve ever felt and it feels like a great weight has been lifted off me, I’m learning to drive soon which would have been impossible before. Thank you so much...Hannah G