The Clinic

exterior picture of clinic

We have four treatment rooms and a number of therapists working in the clinic. We are open 5 days a week and it is generally possible to see one of our therapists within 48hours.

There is  disabled ramp from the pavement.

Parking is free in the adjacent streets.

There is a friendly warm atmosphere as you enter the clinic.

You will not be expected to wait long for your treatment. You may be asked to undress for your examination so please bring shorts if you wish.

We have access to other specialists and frequently recommend our patients to them for further help e.g. orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists podiatrists etc. We work closely with Parkside hospital, the New Victoria hospital and Windsor.

physiotherapy session
picture of the body

For physiotherapy treatment you will receive a courtesy call the day before your appointment reminding you to attend. Cancellations will be charged at full rate if made less than 12 hours before the due time of attendance.

We have various items for sale such as back cushions, pillows, and vitamin and herbal remedies, and we order in other products such as elbow supports, insoles and corsets.

We welcome feedback from you to help us improve our services.